Whatever Comes About is a Result

Then there was a sound,

The  n  wind
put some gloves on

on the shelf, there

in  Sequences

a tournament to surmount        Great Stakes!

heard of whim
in white        Initially,
I can’t say

a little in the kitchen
the grapefruit sade
opens and looks so

A Knife in
A Spoon
Lettuce bed
in June

Little in the sound of buildings set up on the sky
A very difference
in Carriage
A bunch of straps
hanging your blouse
back up
into Frank Gehry’s Chelsea
And then

Out my mouth came this gate,
my legs in a bridge
my hands below me
Shoot thru the stormlight
in skinny light

the blouse of April
the blouse of May
And then perfume hamper
May I be an aisle and wait

Sure was.

It was nice to meet in the lane
and look after My GodGiven this aptitude

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