a query where our arms met slightly at the wrist


Go long you say while we lay in bed. Begging, in some sense.

Things like our bed have hair— rolled into your fingers into a ball. We are classic. In some sense, naked.

A bowl of fruit on the floor,
torn tickets I jot somethings on,
We listen to Dylan.

Claudia’s pink jaw gleams, she piffles, bites flies, lifts off like piece of paper going whole moments (like that). With white socks on.

Napping in the bathwater.

Tape drapes to the windows. Everyone has white socks on (sounds powerful) and Claudia bites the imaginary flies. I write at the table, you piffle my belly so then I went down to buy ice cream. I went to school and leapt from the bench—it didn’t make sense to see you, the roses both in and around the park & that your collar was so. On top of this city, now. A paperboy banging his hat on the stoop. Not quite as soft or as white as egrets.

Culling extraordinary purpose from the tablecloth, I pick it with my tine, my lighter, my sticky nails, stick my whole face in the water for long.

Are you going to say something intolerant? You ask this, beside the water glass.

or are you the glass of water precisely?

Blazer says: Language returns to what it never was,
what it never left.

So swivel our chairs to see the show: you go. I go
long after, splashing my face, the mismatched stacks of unmentionables slipping.

But I haven’t trembled any since I hit you.

I fight. You ignore the stench when something dies in the wall. As if anyone could wrestle that cupboard open.

Eating falafel when it didn’t storm, no. it pushed fully down, and the glass. With my face, covered in cream, see somnambulant

I walk like a hiccup to the train.

To be someone with a white dress on, use pencils, hair pared down, viscous.

It is I on the omnibus, walloping you with a dinner mitt, walloping you with tinfoil

I don’t love things that much, I told you so.

steam from the vegan chili, we’re off to Canada anyday , I’ve got papers, wedlock socked in the stairs, shadows mailbbox hitched shadows, tasking all the time, No, stick it in

play ukalalie in deep Kentucky country, irreverant in the aquarium / the fortnight blossoming comets we make out underneath / not a cliff in sight / describe my dream backwards / the tips of things/ the greenhouse at night / the first time I lathered my legs and shaved / clearly / a right fix we’re in / do use bulldozers / do want a quick chip against the door / do dot your knuckles in purple pen / then wish I could whistle, sing / bring the house

to loose language enough – billing eachother for cabaret – say ancient birds in our hands, stones, a glittering display of tiger bodies – playing at the epistilary – a query where our arms met slightly at the wrist – fettered long and hard for winter – seemingly – tempestuous – your jealous of all bad bird calls – covet quick flirtatious women – they are dolled up to sip these beers – flannery will get you, you say – my lake will get me back mired long before the cities do – canopies, safekeeps, blasphemies, – toddy rocking back in the trenches – sweet daylight raining again in Phoenix – right before uncle bob snapshot the sky – not a bomber for miles, he sighed – as if the big lens exploded – no, to sail very far out and look –

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