Thoughts on The Rainbow

Reading the Rainbow-going to New York tomorrow. Thinking over.

‘dark sensuous bodies” last night / couldn’t sleep /

. rearranging the way i felt at night so often lit / actionable nights

I would think Kiss anything in the arrangement of my feelings outward

an overwhelming shock Of feeling / dig pits / claims / harass younger thinking Out

Of its gloss by sheer bombardment / dream of opening up, Cairo king / my utter

cannot drench, cannot activate like that / it cracks

in itself / saw this picture of young thin legs / It was all enough r///

this notion of rectangles that makes me violent / /  think I am in /

inside the villa beating again is someone / but they must be so utterly

rectangular / of no

official relation / cut off from any other state

‘Thereby no other senses’  I wonder

why I don’t allow any Other Senses

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