hermes kelly

There are two days left in this month

hermes kelly

Which means Mint is on its green tippy toes, seeing just past the horizon of my budgetary staredown. We travelled too much in April. We paid for too many dinners. I bought something ridiculous and admire it so. Gold Courchevel and so admirable. I think about what it means all the time. I think through every stitch. I wonder what everyone else thinks about it and me for carrying it.  I think about the kind of pleasure a thing can possibly contain. It is not much. It’s pleasure is a kind of proof. Is a financial syllogism. If weather = the world, then money = bags. It carries carrying. It is a bundling thing. My bag metaphor costs alot. I lied to everyone.

The glow of what I want is getting more terrible, more bright.

We got sick in April. It’s all there in the transactions.

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