The Middle Story

  1. Since mis-
    placing the blue,
    red, green, & brown
    pens I have however
    found something.
  2. look I Know you
    see how predictable
    I am
    Let’s play some
  3. As of yet
    no one will own
    who did or did
    not make popcorn or
    drop something
  4. Over all ceiling patterns just-
    ifiably beautiful
  5. In walked
    The Commissioner
  6. I, on the other
    Hand Am
    being tracked down
    by the rather in-
    descript outlying
  7. Totally Bowling
    in the big house section
    of the sea
  8. naked thru the sprinklers
    they ran
    while I turned
    into my first
  9. Tree in Bed, she said
    My Head, my fucking cheeks.
  10. Should we keep Jacking
    each other off
    or go get Something
    to eat
  11. At what point
    do we be-
    gin to shake
    The bushes
    & see
  12. The shape of rye
    Power bars half
    a grapefruit 5-6 pecans
    vegetable soup
  13. Barnacle life
    Is the life
    For me

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