The City of Resemblances


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Kari made man
made in Hong Kong
in Wan Chai in Kowloon.

I am immune on the edge of the sea
eat­ing almond soup.

Hello obstruc­tions back­ways
and ele­va­tor islands, my glasses scaf­fold
and white and small: a bee
I am a bee I said.

Some­one smokes on the linoleum below
tak­ing each pull out of me, oranges out,
rolls of paper out
of finally: We Kari on
guardrails, in acorn suits, Kari an aba­cus
of ones over, fold­ing over
the shape of a bag.

I am Kari at walk
between the plas­tic spi­ders of lan­guage,
knees and shoes show­ing
bang­ing for­ward and back accor­dion
dresses, jim­my­ing the eye­lets
& arti­fi­cial falls

Copy, this me in this
much orchard: where is & where with,
Who parts the sub­ject, speak­ing.
I am the Kari of Pro­nounc­ing.
I am so white.
I am quite a view of the island.

O Kari where it is hard, it will.
This ice speak­ing.
This bull in a baggy.
We are alone at the end
of this mouse.

* pub­lished in the Hat


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