My Speaker

seriously the outline of your face a light hole in the page , fish sideways white rooting               one all translucent there are pearls look there salt rips a lightish film dis sembles my speaker, she does not know whom to float to Earlier version published in Sawbuck 1.8

To fish

you are swimming in place a fish page , are drawing some- thing toward you it’s a carpet around your head ” ……………………………………… ” ‘ts faintnessending  ribbonfish, resplendent / parallelo grams  along every side decides about apparently left on left river road to fish w/ you to hold forth/thither/weather salt thistles needless to say I am …


I call you Tigris peeing at daybreak / spectacle especially between wavy clientele shelflife dimishing imputation my point slips thru rubber hairs & ammonia eg fishshit bursts ruffling so much for settling on green and yellow & green and blue & grey and green & gold

Step One

our place is a stone of water – a week, stone each step one is a light unit a minute cut cut your own hair / your head is beautiful the household outline shotgun yellow yellow shoe stars pieces of flowers yellow birds shoe alight the wires they/we pair of waterpushed ones


BeGinner BeGinner send me aqui the door,  the lock send whapping rain // roll on tomato rain roll up, we need a stint to show up the July of November black grass and stiff crabs simultaneous barbs wink alluvial ma Just nips fin times and heads in houses at the seam, hardy har cusps of gin begin …

white cloud mountain fish

isnt this blanket question: the sea: big top of the sea turns white & turns white at the bottom of cottonmouth sea onion sea burnt boot sea the makeup of fish is absolutely abstract /  as is /  abstract as it rains on jelly roses, puffy shoals: rains days for night : metal sequences lapsing at the always-next …

In Schools

how long, the long est number gives out your tape & erasers your hands in schools I can’t hear how many, how long / each step of yellow pieces / blinks / you take my turn out of me take my turn out touched , except for occasional light stirring w/out being the bottom of …

placing and choosing

the furniture problem slopping as far as our cells are on one side we places shims level places we / harangue put it gradually alters I call you Monday I call you Tuesday placing is choosing what is your problem / standing water Ding-Dong. I knew this wood bee ticking us on the shoulder Ding-dong, bell. Earlier version …

Square Inches

the river is high necessarily high is long stint square inches river ever a hyperbole obviously a blank cart the surface theoretically available & on / the other hand, fish / in flame / hands of ten / their same roundish selves your basic torpedos neon minnows Angelshifts “…Shall my Lungs Coine words till their …


the opposite of fish is       long, high, wide, , fish perpendicular inter ested in terested pennies for your / toes you about lose the remainders center the dashes fine holes admit delicate x uneven light hairs thru newish rooms somuchso our lungs literally lay white as white ft