Kari Poems

The Story of the Bags

04.28.2007 Kari Poems

A trusses pat­tern while ahoy splin­ters, see and yel­low deep green batch com­press. So late is the night we drive into our knees. Elec­tric Blan­ket side­sweeps and in horse­hair the more mat­ter punched in with let­ters L like V like C like G G G a mark by mark a deer horn drift­ing in. I […]

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The City of Resemblances

02.28.2007 Kari Poems
7 of 2 in Kari

7 of 2 in KariKari made man made in Hong Kong in Wan Chai in Kowloon. I am immune on the edge of the sea eat­ing almond soup. Hello obstruc­tions back­ways and ele­va­tor islands, my glasses scaf­fold and white and small: a bee I am a bee I said. Some­one smokes on the linoleum below tak­ing each […]

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