My ring and Mom's ring

Christmas 2011

Christmas was sort of cross-country-crazy this year. In Texas, we had Christmas with the Klinger Cousins, the Johnson Cousins, and Christmas Eve (otherwise known as a ridiculous number of presents) followed by Christmas dinner. Then Paul and I hit the road for more Christmas with the Pendergasts and Jimmy/Misty. “Vacation” is a sprint.  

Grace Weart

Christmas with the Family

Christmas was a rather chill affair this year. It snowed on Christmas day, making it impossible to not hear mom do lyrically challenged renditions of “White Christmas.” Mom got a cold (didn’t stop the singing). Gracie got a cold. ¬†Julia got a cold. Adam was coming down with a sore throat when I busted out …

Gift checklist

1. My mother (check) Is going to get something that has a smooth surface (this is b/c I am not the daughter who doles the pictures and I do think a book will go with her gift. The book will be something gentle and concerning a passage. Neither urban nor contemporary. The card I will …