it's texas for godsake

Song on the Alter of the New World


sing a song on the old world

in my apartment, for the blessings of loneliness  are shiny and hard

are swathed in clover and rolling

down this hill ka-bluey w/bonnets on it

————well I’ll be ————

rattled: the front part of the words

testing my tongue like a diving board

————well I’ll be ————

white as the teeth, black as the gap

behind them


Now the new world is looking

scarfed and hatted

it’s texas for godsake

why my

cold unquenchedness?

I have paced myself upon the cold.

It is so. It’s never not cold where I will go.

the way up the road

[RUN] I want to plural

my precious harangue, count myself down

these hummerbush summermonths

to one down, one to go



O! Remember for later on this sweetness,

the little spots on the grass

the bugs go, baby lizards

the “cat couch” my love

is covered




It’s about time

all my  a-foremen’ fathers of the alter

made this my yes-answer

me yes, fathers,

prescient when pressed,

who blah blah the wheel round

a chippy toothed wheel,

a tome, a tune

  • Dinner at Shoney’s
  • A plow to keep plowing.



Pluck the bugs from my mouth, father

for I have skinned cheeks & chin

on my mirrorface,


[ask not! ask not!]




The books

SHOULD be alphabetized, I said.

SHOULD they,

I cuddle the cubes

I debut

I fraggle



No sooner do I stoop

to it, this rat way

acquires full license.

holds, sways, lies

in my mouth and knots

the hairs of my thinking

into quick successions







the new broom

I take as a omen

across soon-to-be

chambered music rooms

is purely, purely


as the newly ringing

rang around the rose

I know, I did, I rose

as you must have also

meant compartments

are everlasting, are long

and halled



now is the world

a cup runneth

rampant pantlegs pulled

from within them-


and folded and put back

where had I any

idea where I would have

less heft

less hyper

having no legs

too hands on

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