ars alchemica

To collect phrases, spellings, patinas, ordinarily. To compulse. At best, to skim along.  To set out on vast instructions, put a bookcase together, a recipe, turn the reddifh rich Virgin Earth in [symbol], impregnate it with [symbol],[symbol] , ferne and dew, till the end of May[1] I guess.

The golden labor of dogs clattering. Circle gold.

And theirs they make / stay with me, Spirits


Churn their tongues and teeth

all necessary recompense worth one flea to fly off

& turn  /  haute pause hard up

on the freshly fallen

pisses is x

circle it

Turn the earth often softening surfeit so dark and mingling. So rich which securities/straps

with hold the whole earth / Ambigue

bites bit /kick  it onward ball

I have in my hand instrumentalities. I will play.[2]

& above all the clatter of matter of fact

Dog pull days on a little sled to me, hi boy.

Forcing all the spirits. Firing the spirits. Amalgam /my god /hock spirits till the end of May.

It is like writing walrus stomp the snow. Captured, at best. sshhh. Standing for words & awry. As uncomfortable as. Have you ever seen nature make a mistake?[3]

But be specific, Walrus

Between each motion is snowy blankness. Between each line. Between teeth.

Mystacial vibrissae 30 centuries long.

I wire/write whiskers. I am

30 / centimeters / old.

o. romarus divergens

walvis ros / wal reus


It is blockish history, ornery, onward Typography

The burned edges of Xeroxed pages

running off

Birds knit these

grey and inarticulate scarves.

Fish chasms, Fish chains

Shrimpy pinks and pin-up golds

The no is tingly and slept-on: The negative

is not the animal.

If it shall and it has

and if its puffy text steps on. Blusteringly.

A humongous figment thrumming clams

: no here / no how / go back.


hey you

To attend to language. Stretch it out, temper it, droplet one at a time to a piece of glass. A glass eye. A piece of pie. Is that what I we want? Walrus all see-thru fat, feelingly, a bowelled letter.

Writerly Walrus fucks off the wall.

Whale-horse. Shore-Giant.

To Sublyme trewly therefore thou fhall not mys: / If thou can make thy Bodys firft fpirituall, / And then thy Spyryts as I have tought the corporall[4]. It is & is not partaking. Taking a part. Taken apart.

Weeds reads, walrus and I, I and my walrus, punctilious mornings, cups of joe.

It’s freezing cold. It’s dukes of hazard. I see out of my stomach a chump spraying I can’t / it’s butter, golden light head.

Light wheat, she said & the sky flipped up. It felt lovely and small again.

It’s memorized unfoldingly. It’s flipping an awkward array of instruments around. It clicks clicks clicks.

We is a he reading. We is plow through the snow lab. We’s reads bandying vague meat, cold nails, perpetual place.

Take Philosophers’ Mercury, prepared and purified to its supreme degree. Dissolve this with its wife, that is to say, with quick mercury, so that the woman may dissolve the man, and the man may fix the woman.[5]

One step further. To maintain an economy of language. A system of hoodwinks, kickbacks, dead-ends. Value that slides around. To namesake it.  To narrate the invisible performance.  To capitalize, flock assets, to price to sell.

These symbols… already start the mind on its way toward that fiery purification, that unification and that emaciation (in a horribly simplified and pure sense) of the natural molecules; on its way toward that operation which permits, by sheer force of destructive analysis, the reconception and re-constitution of solids according that equilibrium of spiritual descent by which they ultimately become gold again.[6]

Symbols for earth, air, fire, water up, up for exchange and then down smashingly down five, four, down to three and two and one. More powerful now crashing, writing the orchestra down. Wreathed in whispering flames . Snapdragons. Whooping cranes. Extinct sounds like that.

Go outside and find something new and convert it into freedom.[7]

[1] A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets; Kenelm Digby 1682

[2] Shakespeare in Love, film. thinking of a fortified Ben Affleck before the very end of time.

[3] All the Real Girls, Directed and written by David Gordon Green, 2003

[4] Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum. Containing severall Poeticall Pieces of our famous English Philosophers, who have written the Hermetique Mysteries in their owne ancient Langauge. London: Printed by J. Grismong for Math. Brook, 1652

[5] The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Bombast, of Hohenheim, Called Paracelsus the Great: now for the first time faithfully translated into English By Paracelsus, Arthur Edward Waite; Published by J. Elliott and co., 1894

[6] The Theater and its Double, Antonin Artaud, Translated from the French by Mary Caroline Richards; Grove Press New York

[7] Lecture given by Richard Tuttle, The Menil, Houston, Tx; March 2009.

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