Review: Poetry State Forest by Bernadette Mayer

Poetry State Forest (New Directions Paperbook) Poetry State Forest by Bernadette Mayer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
The all hanging out and the lack of a snowblower, the tenebrous winter, the peeking. The dangling couplet, the twosome, the yoke, the other just-as-good yoke, the home stretch, the briars among the eggs, the new neighbors, the landscape of tyranny that has other names, the index of conversation, the breastplate, the snowblower o! and b for bushes, the caterwaul, the list of phil(s), the muffled heart, the fillings and other dental adventures, the notes to self, the notes that are to, the notes awaying and hey and ho and gentle looking-out-the-window-ness.

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