Winter 2013 Textile Series

New Textile Series Chapbooks: Winter Series

Winter 2013 Textile Series

It’s winter and we know you’d just love to curl up by the fire with a cup of coffee (whiskey?) and some cozy chaps.  New work by David Hadbawnik, Adam Fagin, Doug MacPherson, Matt Reeck, Forrest Roth & Dawn Pendergast.

What’s Included:

  • There’s a free-form translation of Virgil’s Aeneid (from books 1 & 2) by David Hadbawnik. Included in the chapbook are gorgeous images by Carrie Kaser.
  • T’s Alphabet is a fascinating procedural approach to Thoreau’s writings by Adam Fagin.
  • Doug MacPherson’s Sheep Dip Excerpts delights us with a creative translation of O Guardador de Rehanhos by Fernando Pessoa.
  • The Pastoral City by Matt Reeck examines the world as a fit home for its inhabitants.
  • Forrest Roth gives us The Sullen Pages: A Veneer Pastoral , built around an archaic pastoral theme, using primarily the lack of referents to revisit and undermine the traditional genteel pastoral.
  • Finally, LRLTS is releasing by 2 mini-chaps by Dawn Pendergast: one with fish and the other with crocodiles.

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