i am going to kill it today

my uncapped chimney

10:04 AM

I touch my anger and it is an apple. It is a heart. I touch the heart of my anger. I light the lamp inside the seeds. In the lobby, I wait out the dedications they make to uncle don. While my kid cries in the lobby. The apple is an orb. The light sinks in. Apocolypse is nigh I think, 2 days later, riding into work. Riding on my anger into work and locking the doors with a little beep.

HOLD on.

I am going to kill all these birds with my uncapped chimney.

I am going to kill it today.

I am holding patterns for several soon-to-be-sewn books.

I’m incredulous with my husband because he hates no part of himself, his life, nothing.

I think there’s no one with me in anger. I could call my mom but I don’t want to.

HOLD it.

She doesn’t hold the phone to her mouth so what she says muffles.

There’s not a lot of

emails this morning. Nothing

rhymes & Ballers sucks.

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