Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture

Lena Dunham in Tiny Furniture

On Friday, Paul and I headed a screening of Tiny Furniture at the MFA. It was one of  those screenings where you look around and everyone looks like you. There were some truly excellent things about this film which I’ve listed below:

  1. A hamster appears in the opening scene like a thing of all-encompassing  beauty/grace
  2. Endless jabs at performance art on Youtube (the Nietzschean cowboy, the staged nudity-as-vulnerability)
  3. A wonderful NYC party scene with a friend that does this smile/grimace thing to evoke a sense of empathy (priceless)
  4. A lot of shots that look like they’re filmed in the bathroom (some are actually in a bathroom)
  5. A dig at those of you that dream of large purchases from The Container Store
  6. Laurie Simmons as Laurie Simmons (plays the mothership/is the mothership) is pretty fantastic.

If I had one problem with the film, it was the excess of adolescent vulnerability (which does become a little tiresome and boring). But the film’s tweeky characters and  fun cinematography are charming enough to warrant  a watch. And the fact that Lena Dunham (writer/director/star) is only 24 is sort of inspiring. Hope this one shows up on your netflix queue.

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