Leaves fall leaves


when fills the sky with leaves
and day bits
& dim breaks
day speaks /
cudgel the word for
casting effing naked claws
at bay
// why sweet bay
my mind ex-


where pelicans fasten
some plural of touching
floating kinds
of hay, Hello

lightishly /  on the purple bay:
a pitcher of fishes
_____er of grass

floating contains the following already
leftness /  onerous  onewhich

& fleas / day fleas
the sweet blood sky

R. U. O. K. ? / yup a frog
lands on my screen

Day pro-
nounce Ga.
:  )

Day say  Urania
& stars pop out


I set it done
I set it was done
in shambles of leaves
reflex leaves / day spell out hands
lay sweetly both “not at all, no not at all”
interviewing hadnt’s

Day applied and rose  / I’d have /
I’d have set particularly out

batting at after
in the rafters



nary which simperer
islands his boots on the bud
and a-hars a-here
breathing between threads
a wet feather head set
Day set up a hinge / a harbinger / feathers
wetters his face &
blots his i

Give us the horns
Give us the strings
the splash / hey!

I set it done
I set it was done
in shambles of leaves
utterly unchosen onion ones/weres


/weeds woods have made it

herein, herein

repeated anxiously / piece is

pieces of xylem nights knotted all

‘hairs of the lord”

knot it at all


plural for closures are buttons
plural for getting is sauced in sensed envelopes
a road we road / down it
they call after call brrringing gold incense myrrhfume
call and call the house in

but I am


Following day rent their mantles
Rode rent in mown lawns
Hatched, as it were, purposefully
//Timespans gentle caveat//


Following day must cut aways
truncate objections
seize reds and yellows
seas stars / stares at
where day is hair / see-thru / plebeian
a limpy reply t’ lot
of harkening


Following day asked/splashed/washed
now the horns! now the strings!
panoply o’ sycophants’ breath pressed mouthpieces/ pieces of
moose and deer and wolves / sing ponies goats frogs fowl!
wet blogger town sing song wobbly
Thine eyes have sawed the coming already
indeed fraught w/ alreadiness
trumpets pointing at us underwear / onerous ones
perfunctory jackets / have at that, set I
down/done the one want
a rural township


nights light as this one
, the less day set it
the less help crumpled
against it, balcony leaves,
shirt leaves, we leaves re:
letters shredded pale horsegrass
how grasp that scene
in thatch and fuzz / seize seize!
the dead of neutral boat embarks
I set it was good/done did I


broken island
leaves sweet as breaks
catenae & aureoles


the better to seize thru

whip shape


Day drives a tooth into my yard

The middle / the better to rain /

wake rain up and drive drivel

rain waves

to me, they are glassy interlaces

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