In Medias Res Poems by Karen An-hwei Lee2

Review: In Medias Res: Poems by Karen An-hwei Lee

In Medias Res: PoemsIn Medias Res: Poems by Karen An-hwei Lee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am usually not in the Saraband camp, but I bought this in NY last year because something calmed me about the layout – little pieces of things alphabetized like a dictionary. And it was rather calming. A one-sitting kind of read with a penchant for words pertaining to ornamental interior design, furniture and jewels/gemstones. I did learn some good words. The structure (a sort of dictionary) reminded me of something I wish my friend Misty would write (we’ll see, we’ll see). But the big thing about this book was its neatness. Nothing seemed out of place, nothing wonky. For me, this means it gets an automatic three stars.

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