I’m the wikipoem

The wiki is real lift-
off in the prawnish gloaming
officecarpet, mind you I want no
part in it/its moves
Freebase to freebase, in draperies,
lapis, noses, oh no

Along the sidewalk squat
men in dirty wikis, women by the name
of Rosemarie
saying so

in the audible glaze
of wiki, putting it down and lifting it
like a shirt, over your wiki,
your submarine-ish face

along those lines / wire us
bees’ golden ambushes, an imperceptible
touche, a tee, some

& in the glands of wiki, on Alexander Graham Bell day,
Why Hello News,

of the laundrymat and laudresses,
of the root chewed
being signed in, flapping;
of seventime clicking in and out
of a forestfire
you wiki

the [] ledge shot,
your nuts hair
childless in the black am-
persand evening, amoung kernels
of corn, spreadsheets, gnashing

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