I’m watching Fran and Gay propagandate on camera right now. Fran said she likes the way my toes move up and down & I’m thinking, is that a proposition? Then of course I think of you or maybe walking on your thighs, possibly showing you an oboe reed. Oh I played the oboe, Buster. When I was 12 and you were 11, 5 weeks I lasted with that instrument because I hate hate hate scales. What do you play? I’m thinking the trombone or the tuba, perhaps brass since your brother’s got the piano covered. Jimmy says every instrument is a percussion instrument and that makes me laugh because yesterday my niece Katie was banging the floor with Mom’s shoes. Maybe everything is percussion and yes that’s sexual because you put me in there with your fingers Buster, and I know I know I’ve got all this footage to think about but it’s just whiskers and man, it’s dirty. shimmy shimmy, dawn

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