Flash Review: Gunslinger by Edward Dorn

GunslingerGunslinger by Edward Dorn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh Eddie YOU ARE the bossiest. You are the catchiest scroll of yarn. You are atangling into genflection, the post script, the making of a building with little windows and little doors. Billions and Billions. As I was saying at the Odium, a homeless preist wheeled by. You are so out loud, Eddie. So utterly and plowing and as you were saying Saying takes a breath. He replied. He echoed. He yelped. Yuckyuckyuck you American. You Eddie the Watcher, you Orange Yarn, you outline in the coolness, day breaking down, so we decide to play it out. Take heart. Take it to the NAMER in GALLOSHES. IS THAT HOW YOU SPELL GALOSHES?

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