Review: The Field by Joanna Gunderson

The Field The Field by Joanna Gunderson

rating: 4 of 5 stars
Another good one from Red Dust. Gunderson’s line-broken un-punctuated no-paragraph ‘novel’ is surprisingly novel-ish. The most continuous and recognizable element in the book is the place (in or around the mountains in NY): the house, landscape, seasons, etc. Certain events and relationships are repeated (with a difference) throughout the novel — sort of appearing disappearing on the landscape. You’d think this would make a pretty boring novel, but the way the language is clipped gives it this really nice breathablity, also makes it more intimate.

City Eclogue City Eclogue by Ed Roberson

rating: 5 of 5 stars
City Eclogue by Ed Roberson

Book where. Get a sense of what is said and taking what is said pump it up and put it into the histories. A history set like a chemistry set. But not about histories, not concerned with history/ies as an end. No end to. What is said. Sayings aftershock. Proceeds of an aftershock. The scene. The version. The double version. All that still shuffles what decisions to make. Which who we were when we are going there.

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  1. Dear Dawn Pendergast I was so thrilled to read your review of The Field would you kindly send me your address so that I could send another book that might interest you. Please look at website of Red Dust. I am 78 and have been publishing for 50 years! Joanna

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