Gift checklist

1. My mother (check)

Is going to get something
that has a smooth surface (this
is b/c I am not the daughter
who doles the pictures and I do
think a book will go with her
gift. The book will be something
gentle and concerning a passage.
Neither urban nor contemporary.
The card I will make to match
the book. The book will go with
the smooth surface of a shawl
which I will find very fine
this friday between packing my things
and moving them.

2. My father (check)

will be the one who
gets a card that surpasses
the others in workmanship
and a broadside of a poem
that is well-made and framed
for hanging in his office.

3. Julia (check)

is by far the hardest because
my notion of smooth is none
to her, making christmas seem
more like a joke than a sharing
of tastes under the tree. Thing is,
we are sisters and the gift needs
to come from the smirkiness and spittle.

4. Morgan, Whit, & Katie (check)

can take their shadows’
animals and put them

5. Reagan and Lane

habla espanol.

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