now that's a plastic windowed envelope

Eerie jections

The horse is more or less off
course you could say always cut
the horse and keep the crystals pissing
which is to say take some names down
some blinds, have tea in the evening
or just [holy moley, I don’t know]

as wretched as ever I pitch toward
the couch, incoming enveloped, in disposed
broken as in (my fridge is) stiff and in
complete sexual frustration slash masturbating
now that’s a plastic windowed envelope
no one likes opening, but there tis

I don’t no where home base is
a platefull of meatballs
a sweater-wearing pussydog I mark
the edge of anything I tweeze
toward the orchard dead ahead
ablaze with baggies of apples!
baggies of carrots! Losing the weight

gained, scouring the

One thought on “Eerie jections

  1. I coffee, declare this for courtly generations, of now, of someone that queries, and of fragrance cards. The vacuum is caloric in its formation, not after. The sitcom’s eloquence took our leadership away, but we laughed. I think because we bought our shoes pre-loaded with moss and gravel. That’s why our affinity for apples.

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