Do not end

Do not end with the word “hollow.” Or “so many Christians into it.” Do not come back to anything, point to anything and do not use the end as an opportunity to punch any holes. The holes will look prepunched, buddy. You will be defeated by the end but you must be strong. By strong I mean weak. Weak, but not poignant or sorrowful. Be in there. It’s yours, work it, but do not sing it. It should have already been sung. And if it was bad, the end will only make it worse. It was bad and best left bad. However, if it was decent or good or ok: you need endings. a few endlings. little earings in english. peices peirced. You can cough. You end off rhyming. You can use a exclamation point, as terrifying as that might be, and being terrified is a good sign. But not so terrified that you do not end it. It is nigh. neigh. It is true. horses skirt the feild in and feild out. it is not the year of the horse.

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