The roaring of the lion, and the voice of the fierce lion, and the teeth of the young lions, are broken. (JOB 4:10)

quiet night

is working, working

cold turkey

the little hairs

on my legs

stand up


my body

is a stole mime

body am I quite


a conductors wand-

body in-

variably masculine

tissues waving

a strip

of paper

is see below

body a trial

ask me any-

things / no

don’t my bodies

a bunion the term

“hallux valgus”

works for me

inikweti, it

fans out fros


my no is a body

my forceps

my broken riverfoot


tree body would body

be a nesty size

arise fair square

bodyflock of crows

I no you

badly,  my back

is an arrow

heading up-to


believe you me

the hammer

is working

blood pings

my heart, my Ham-

lette paces it

indeed is a living

Gabriel  blows

cold north easterlies

off the Chesapeake

I’m off-to, off-to

make a sinecure

with my fingers

I cut it out

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