Dear Everyone

Your emails and entries, the letters in cursive and cue
I’m loving you like lights everyone is looking thru
your emails and tiny journals lettered and dated CDs
and sharpies, moving trucks I have seen stories up
and you have written a novel, you have, your nametag,
your rug is the blue I’m loving in here, your buttons
and hemline and wet boots. I’m situated on the kneecaps
of my love that is guiding your ie, your lost little fox hats,
the quiet kitten circle of our incomplete home dear dear
everyone this is my christmas rolled up in white papers
and my little body beside me responds dear everyone still
on the second floor, your kitchen sinks and divorces, dear white
mother hair on the bed, dear director, dear down, this place
for your star that is done,  dear initial you and everyone
with dogs now, the ringing of the lamb that walks sideways,
every name for you in the skyline I’m moving through

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