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DaDaDa by Catherine Daly



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Hello Catherine. I tried and failed to compare you to an eggplant today. You and the eggplant are neither too similar nor too different. The comparison was like soup and getting bloated so I tossed it and decided your proper foil was probably lettuce. I watched you eat a salad once and that was really something. But I wanted the eggplant to work so badly because I have a little painting of one on my desk. Everytime I look at it I become a little less motivated. I think of you and your space shuttles and capacitive touch. I visualized my feelings as little machines traveling to and fro. I saw my feelings become little beetles and buzzards and then the buzzing of the air conditioner and into the main shaft where they were (swisssssh) infrastructure. You are a system analyst and I say that with a really weird look on my face because I’ve got no feelings about it.

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