Cushing Street Reading: Barbara Cully, Catherine Daly, and Maryrose Larkin

Hello Maryrose Larkin out of the blue Portland!
Hello Barbara Cully in and out w/ the fire wood.
Hello Jane in saying-things mode.
Hello Charles and Cynthia sitting in the way.
Hello a glittering Shelia Murphy in French.
Hello Catherine Daly in salad-laptop mode.
Hello Frank setting up sound via quite an intern.
Hello new and very good-looking MFA girls.
Hello shifting in your seats next to them Donald & Co.
Hello where are you Bonnie.
Hello Paul in many exchanges across the patio.
Hello books and whimsy calendars.
Hello overbooks and whimsy calendars.
Hello little chapbooks. Thank you little chapbook.
Hello Ms. Pronouncing, hello again later on.

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