Chandelier Prayer

Having accumulated the freight and put the years through
a hole, the pearl of the hole shining– Oh Anna!

Anna does the truth seek you out, behind time?
in relation two timing? with regard to time,

they strike and they strike
thru the fillings. They strike at the center
of an image. As if theirs were the chandelier
and it were fallen from a thread,
like loose rain on the gloss.

The tiling across Bleeker street.
The self apart from the ampersand.

Could I have been any more humane?
In the tonnage. In the heat of June?

To be on the spout of a mighty love.
To be bathing in the love of time itself.
In the white hairs of time.
On the white wall. Lined.
In accordance this self, be it. Be it.
Be it in the name, lame and unfit.
A simper in the grass.

Mighty I was love. At night I was.
My self was glossy with love.
Of time and rain or in the morning
my love at my feet in the letters
of a chandelier

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