The call of my people is changing always changing

Rework Redux: Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty Soon as I make a perfect cotton replica of myself. I’ve already sewn the arms and they are stowed in a hatbox. Henry Noah Manly Klinger. Enzo Iguana Alyosha Klinger. Henry – “hen” Noah – “no” Manly – “man” Enzo – “Zo” Iguana – “Iggy” Alyosha – “Allie” Things that need to be …

My ring and Mom's ring

Christmas 2011

Christmas was sort of cross-country-crazy this year. In Texas, we had Christmas with the Klinger Cousins, the Johnson Cousins, and Christmas Eve (otherwise known as a ridiculous number of presents) followed by Christmas dinner. Then Paul and I hit the road for more Christmas with the Pendergasts and Jimmy/Misty. “Vacation” is a sprint.  

Getting ready for round 3

Paul’s Birthday

Paul’s 30th Birthday was definitely a marathon event consisting of dinner/movie, a craw-fish extravaganza, some “goat time” with the newest member of the Klinger family, a sushi dinner and two-stepping. My newly-lasiked eyes were not-a-little tired after all these festivities.