let fly a little fart of knowledge

Baby Sonnet

here here here is baby way too mired in rubber rings and leftist leanings: meaning she’s rolling over now. A little gyre of hands and legs and head proceeding fitfully into history. Spitfully. It’s writ on the rags of overwashed elephants and throwaway pinks and the bunny infantry (could I) would I curb this development? …


Note 6/2

Smoothing the waves of worry / ironing out the exigencies / sewing to / bone folding one over another / making a uniformity / making a stack of uniforms / straightening stack / the “lack of” fabric being ordered / being new sheet / enveloped / thus a system as whole breath / cut up / straight …

my honeycomb. my bunnyloam. my funnyhome

3 months & 8 days older

Some of it is an onion to the extent that crying is nigh. Crying is high. It is both imperceptible and imminent and arranged in off-pattern jazzishness. A little uh-uh-uh / aaaahhh-ahhh. & come I hither in a glaze of unctuous loveydoveries, buttery buns, something’s got to smooth the rough pits in my honeycomb. my bunnyloam. my …

Things in our house that broke this year


It’s been a while.  Today I have bronchitis. I think of animated gifs when I’m coughing. My sister’s kids are growing up. I miss them all a lot. My brother and dad are on the fritz. Frank’s wedding is standing in front of Christmas like a bouncer. My new house is still big and I …


Rework Redux: Having Had

Ones attached to my calves and arms to my goat and rode horses mostly pasture horses looking bent and simple. “Pretty Much” is what I have: goodtimes, great hits windsound which is some sound on the lips of my appropriator. God what didn’t I know about old blood. Walking the dogs afterwork in simple syrup, …

The call of my people is changing always changing

Rework Redux: Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty Soon as I make a perfect cotton replica of myself. I’ve already sewn the arms and they are stowed in a hatbox. Henry Noah Manly Klinger. Enzo Iguana Alyosha Klinger. Henry – “hen” Noah – “no” Manly – “man” Enzo – “Zo” Iguana – “Iggy” Alyosha – “Allie” Things that need to be …

My ring and Mom's ring

Christmas 2011

Christmas was sort of cross-country-crazy this year. In Texas, we had Christmas with the Klinger Cousins, the Johnson Cousins, and Christmas Eve (otherwise known as a ridiculous number of presents) followed by Christmas dinner. Then Paul and I hit the road for more Christmas with the Pendergasts and Jimmy/Misty. “Vacation” is a sprint.