Break Day

Got blood sluiced to my trousers and kiss him ends of genetic sequences like I was born this way. My body twisted together and my hair oh that’s the top of it. Made me promise not to fly out the faggoty window. One bum asking if I’m a priest the way I work my coat so, my pockets and the books. Yesterday Josh said sacred and profane and I wanted, not then but later, to puke to hold that stuff in a cup to wet tissue food lift it up and some time later I was in the car wondering what metal lake I’ll stake out next. So chocolate. So Jane too, soon as I get around to shitting it together for next semester’s class. So Jimmy and the simple mouth down the road, the very long, so simple he makes me cut his hair. So Paul all the way, the taking up time, the split ass sass simple wintering on the air mattress and why I’m not happy is so obvious there’s probably a button for it. So everyone’s Stegner and Rhode houses. So mother of fuckers, Kristi’s bees on her wrist, the bone they call an ulna and why my own bone is probably tibia or fibia or just digit. So working it out like he said “just make art” like I’m the retard and he, oh he is the zoo. I’m a stick in the chimney today and so that fact I know, so snow and it’s still not snow and I write it without a single moment in time, in fact I don’t body at all, I don’t want to fuck I don’t want to rub my hands on my thighs even a little even today. It feels all the sudden like ribbons, peices of rock clocking my uterus, what’s the problem now? Paul says I get a call every month from the other side. I want to rip the big stones on his shoulders out. How often can I say it’s not enough? How much no no no for this one does it take before one, like dancing, like being dancing in some feild beside being lesbian whittling a little notebook. So Stein too, mother fuckers. That’s right. Stein.

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