Bombs Away

Weddings remember started parting the hips elbeaux wrists of native acres, roundabouts’ dark javelina hidden between roadwork, the glassy brassy knolls. you call that an orchard? yes the psychedelic feeling lasts and lasts.

Call Josh John Lennon Josh Paul McCarthy Call Josh Yoko Josh Lynda Fung Call Roadside Assistance Josh Just Below Josh Calling Donning Black Wig in the Starlight Ringo Starrlight Paul McCarthylight Call it a Raven Sitting On Your Head Josh There’s a Raven Sitting on Your Head DrumAway DrumAway DrumAway Pixieland.

Chickeny nametags. Crop-circle nametags. Disco napkinlight happenstance nametags. Down to fraggle frocks. Clap, Clap. Round two Fraggle Frocks.

This is them thusly this is thimbles this trims the timbre thinner this tremors the thistles float forward thinking this and that this is

Anna looking a little like sardines looking forward certainly sardonic overlooking sedona looking at the fish in the air looking fishy liking to look fizzy likely fussing from one future event to its apparent ending concluding to remain mainlaid to hold course to not rock this nifty boat

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