Banana Split Prayer

It looked like it was really going to rain today. We walked to Sonic and had two tiny banana splits and I could have sworn it would rain when we were walking, tho it is not a surprise to feel everything about to, then no. Not the littlest thing, Lord. I felt the form of the clouds when I sat back down and I went out to see again. There was no rain. My boss poked out and I followed him back in. The garage door shook the runners. My hands hurt, which some people say is significant. I didn’t read my horoscope. There was no rain when I beat my boss out of the office and out on the road and pulling up my gravelly drive. Rain on the books outside? On the door left open to air out the fumes? Rain when Misty called to talk about ages 26-29. Our voices broke over and over. The helicopters made of rain rushed overhead and put lights on the sad orange tree in my backyard.

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