Bad Mommy

This is the fridge and. This is where the bottles go and where the wine is. Here’s where and how you will sleep. I hope you sleep. well.

The word for what gets taught is curriculum, yes? not curriculum but content. not content but value. ephemeral. wind. when I blow hard upon her face, she squints and it is little and lovely. i blow & blow. she sucks the lower lip up to her gum. this and other behaviors are blades too many to see singularly   –  She likes hard things today, not soft. then she grows and grows thank goodness her preciseness is flimsy and green and sprouts bent leaves. I guess these could all be issues. She rummages underneath a pink book for more action. then I see her staring off, remote.  her details are mean, I know. and dirty. scattered along the small cement slab connecting garage to house are corgi turds. in different states of withering.  for each day they go un-walked, they go. no one is really the wiser. I’d say onslaught if that didn’t make me an asshole.



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