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If you happen to be in Seattle for AWP this year, maybe we’ll have a chance to see each other? This is my first (and probably last!) time attending, so I’m trying to get a lifetime of AWP activities into a single weekend (which is the M.O., I guess!):

• I’m giving a talk on the work of Leslie Scalapino for a tribute panel including contributions from Alicia Cohen, Carla Harryman, Judith Goldman, and Maryrose Larkin, probably on Leslie’s use of the image and her interest in hand-drawn African movie posters. The event takes place on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 3-4 pm in Room 606 of the Washington State Convention Center.

• Compline will “table” at the book fair with some of our favorite presses: Kyle Schlesinger’s Cuneiform, Julia Drescher and C.J. Martin’s Further Other Book Works, and Dawn Pendergast’s LRL Textile Series. We’re located at K19 + K20 if you’re wandering around. I’ll probably give away goodies for folks who stop by and show some love, along with (maybe)some new postcards for your refrigerator!

• Finally, I’m participating in a pretty great off-site reading (one of, like, a million!) sponsored by our friends at Small Press Distribution. Anna Moschovakis, Alan Bernheimer, John Sakkis, Jen Hofer, Ji Yoon Lee and Brent Cunningham will share recent translations during the first hour, and a roster of readers from Compline, Cuneiform, FOBW, and the Textile Series will hold it down during the second. Scheduled readers include Charles Alexander, Sarah Campbell, myself, Julia Drescher, Paul Klinger, C.J. Martin, and Eleni Stecopoulos. The event takes place on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 4-6 pm in the “Makani Room” at the Seattle Hilton (1301 6th Ave.). I know there’s tons to do (like 4 distinct off-site readings every hour) and the icky promotional machinery / smarminess of the conference makes me a bit nauseous, but this one should be super low-key: friends reading poems to friends. We hope you’ll stop by and be our friend!

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