Artaud #4: the valorization of psychotic symptoms-as-aesthetic

Restructuring the body according to desire…

So much of the inner conflict of Surrealism had to do with the specifics is how the libidinal body is labels… (Artaud, Bastille, and Dali were all asked to leave)… In each of these instances, the representations of the body surpassed Breton (and other’s) what the libidinal body would be.

New introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis (working out the issues of the libidinous body)

Artaud wants to remake himself. He believes he’s doing it in a surrealist fashion. The remaking of himself is not just a question of the reconstitution of the sick body (filling the lack). To remake oneself is to cut oneself off from one’s origins.

D I A R Y F R O M H E L L :

He feels his own pain, but does not even possess it. The emptiness is the basis of his theorization.

Question: If this metaphysics is the basis of one person, alone, what use is it?

Answer: In this moment in history…the presentation of this metaphysics (a cognitive value) and description of the physical states (emotive value) is congruous with the current moment in psycho-pathological… That belief that the psycho-pathological is relevant. There is a willingness to accept intimate discourse (epistolary form and diary form).

Mallarmey: he claims he has died and he’s reborn. The psychic crisis is impossible to figure out… he comes out of the crisis… then he writes iguitur (It’s a tale without a character, basically the character is the poetic voice itself… not much happens… but everything happens… a suicide… but the language (carefully crafted) is extraordinary because suicide is couched in the language of Hegelian metaphysics… in a pure forms of consciousness… it’s like a pastiche of Hegelian logic…)
“I offer myself to the illusion of the system whose terms elude me” (triple negative)

why is there no ancient psycho-pathological art? Because what constituted art, didn’t permit in allowing such things until the 1800’s.

il·lu·mi·na·ti or Il·lu·mi·na·ti npl
any one of various groups of people in history claiming to have received special religious or spiritual enlightenment, especially an 18th-century German secret society with deist and republican ideas.

the valorization of psychotic symptoms-as-aesthetics.

de·lam·i·nate vti
to separate or peel off in thin layers, or cause something to do this

deix·is n
the use of a word such as “he,” “that,” “now,” or “here,” whose full meaning depends on the extra-linguistic context in which it is used

Romanticism goes as far as it can go (that is, the solipsism of madness). he cracks open Romanticism… and we
pg. 92: Living death… real death doesn’t scare him anymore…
Artaud sees God as a parasite encrusted in his body.
Surrealism is a revaluation of values, not devaluing values.
Surrealism is the valorization of the unconscious. Surrealism is n’t a depreciation of the mind, but a appreciation. System of repulsion (Surrealism is a system of attractions).

Surrealism Manifesto #24.

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