Anna the Cat


in Milestones

There’s a blue light just before the sun goes under. And lots of dust. And you’re always forc­ing your­self uphill.

A sore ass. Blis­ters between your toes because you haven’t mas­tered the art of wear­ing flip-flops yet. But fuck socks. Blis­ters are bet­ter than socks.

A few tears, but noth­ing to be ashamed of.

And enor­mous swarms of bees fight­ing for their chance to drink the holy water. Water is a pretty big deal here. And you can hear them whis­per­ing to eachother:Are you going to drink that?

And Anna. She’s soft and thin and ugly and you almost lost her in Phoenix under the gnarly bushes beside Jimmy’s pool. But you found her and kissed her twice on her black nose and told your­self not to worry. You’ve lost big­ger, uglier things before.

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