AND/OR Issue #1


Check out the first issue of  and/or, a PDF (Issue) and print journal “for creative experimental writing and/or innovative graphic art.” Mike Russo [editor] paid me a huge compliment by 1. reading my work online and then 2. asking me if he could take a piece. Thanks Mike! It’s no small thing to find out someone actually reads some of this stuff.

The first issue features stuff by Carol Agee, Tanner Almon, George Anderson, Michael Andreoni, Jenn Blair, Ric Carfagna, James Carpenter, Brian Cogan, Kirk Curnutt, Nicole Dahlke, Arkava Das, Tray Drumhann, Joseph Farley, Adam Field, Howie Good, Thomas Gough, Aimee Herman, Jared Joseph, Mark L.O. Kempf, Ron. Lavalette, Donal Mahoney, Ricky Massengale, RC Miller, Antoine Monmarche, Kyle Muntz, Christina Murphy, Matt Parsons, Dawn Pendergast, Michael Lee Rattigan, Francis Raven, Mary Rogers-Grantham, Christine Salek, Chad Scheel, James Short, Bruce Stater and Lori Connerly, Felino A. Soriano, Orchid Tierney, David Tomaloff, Echezona Udeze, Justin Varner, and Christopher Woods.

The journal seeks submissions from writers and/or other sorts of artists whose work openly challenges the boundaries (mimetic, aesthetic, symbolic, cultural, political, philosophical, economic, spiritual, etc.) of literary and/or artistic expression. The deadline for Volume 2 is January 1, 2011.

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