To Be Ascetic

the orchard (1)

Up we
up orange & yellow groves,
re- canopy of orange
& blue; going night / in a fold
of wires.

Our One shadow is a net, this light
and lace grey hat         in lists
of grasses going on.

Who are these people
anointing each other w/ plums
and halved grapes, with white
fig and unripe persimmons?

Beetles eat the sun
The moon is a knuckle
The moon moves this daffodil into our mouths.


the pigeon (2)

Go on out and eat some-
thing in the night. go on

with the shadow of remainders
and sour blossoms, the flesh shaken
out of an orange / some beetles
in the hairs of a little
nest that falls


a trap door (3)

Way something shaved feels
like a dog, the back
of a boy’s head / a piece of light
slides down the fence / a trap door

a person is
a persimmon

before it goes white & flinty
letters the daffodils
and is / drawn on
Bur-chervil & Dogbane thin

and fall / so light is the dusk
they fall in



Go on with the shadows that run
it through the trees and up
the trees by way of some system,
and (out of) asking, look

on the back of a spider bolting,
on cicadas or locusts or the backs
of moths glimmering, a scoop of gnats
in the shower at dusk , a separation of feet
from the sound, theft

May beetle, June beetle


the hand (5)

The hand the foliage had
in sneakings out.

Which ever way we met
on soft our backs itching awn

, making out of grass
some stars


a mountain(6)

With this face to us, like a blunt cusp
in the yellow grass. Pale and hard at night.
In the angled grass, the night,
spitting in your hair.

That is this yellow field, the wolves to the moths
that are this / field of the face
in each darkness, of the sky in a crevice

that is cracked wheat, and jutting-up
roots, an orange on the back
arching over / sig / sent

* earlier version published in Dusie 5

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