Note 6/2

Smoothing the waves of worry / ironing out the exigencies / sewing to / bone folding one over another / making a uniformity / making a stack of uniforms / straightening stack / the “lack of” fabric being ordered / being new sheet / enveloped / thus a system as whole breath / cut up / straight …

my honeycomb. my bunnyloam. my funnyhome

3 months & 8 days older

Some of it is an onion to the extent that crying is nigh. Crying is high. It is both imperceptible and imminent and arranged in off-pattern jazzishness. A little uh-uh-uh / aaaahhh-ahhh. & come I hither in a glaze of unctuous loveydoveries, buttery buns, something’s got to smooth the rough pits in my honeycomb. my bunnyloam. my …

9 weeks 6 days

9 weeks 6 days

Have forgotten to set up a meeting, gotten up extra early to attend said meeting and cried in the bathroom in lieu of the meeting. Have silently cried during a staff meeting. Have carried bags of goldfish crackers to a meeting with the VP. Have not learned how to have a satisfying breakfast.


TS is TS

  I should have been a pair of chucks, slightly used, whose prior smokiness wafted out of the shipping envelope and into my life. I should have been a pair of eggrolls, microwaved on high for precisely 2 minutes, during which time a PF-Changs-like dipping sauce can be arranged. I should have been a pair …


Dead Owl

cinoh: regularwildcat: I found this beautiful bird on the roadside this morning. I had hopes it was still alive when I scooped it up, those big round eyes staring right through me but soon found it’s neck and wing were broken though no trace of blood, most likely collided with a car in the early …