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3 months & 8 days older

Some of it is an onion to the extent that crying is nigh. Crying is high. It is both imperceptible and imminent and arranged in off-pattern jazzishness. A little uh-uh-uh / aaaahhh-ahhh. & come I hither in a glaze of unctuous loveydoveries, buttery buns, something’s got to smooth the rough pits in my honeycomb. my bunnyloam. my …

9 weeks 6 days

9 weeks 6 days

Have forgotten to set up a meeting, gotten up extra early to attend said meeting and cried in the bathroom in lieu of the meeting. Have silently cried during a staff meeting. Have carried bags of goldfish crackers to a meeting with the VP. Have not learned how to have a satisfying breakfast.

4 weeks 6 days

4 weeks 6 days

Massive explosions after eating Wacky Mongolian Szechuan and watching the longest Transformers movie ever made. Thinking about naming the baby “Tucci” which Paul likes the ring of. Enzo Tucci Klinger. Enzo Giamatti Klinger. Enzo Fastbender Klinger. Nauseousness is not nearly the worst symptom of this net dropped over my hair and face, over my itchy …


TS is TS

  I should have been a pair of chucks, slightly used, whose prior smokiness wafted out of the shipping envelope and into my life. I should have been a pair of eggrolls, microwaved on high for precisely 2 minutes, during which time a PF-Changs-like dipping sauce can be arranged. I should have been a pair …


Dead Owl

cinoh: regularwildcat: I found this beautiful bird on the roadside this morning. I had hopes it was still alive when I scooped it up, those big round eyes staring right through me but soon found it’s neck and wing were broken though no trace of blood, most likely collided with a car in the early …

The things I know poetry isn’t. The worms that eat my lips.

Fk fk fk fk fk

When I am making waste of my vision, seeing as how it’s tinsel and leaves, I blow through times I was nearer and dearer to posie and land plop on this rotten desk amongst the everybody-things. The things I know poetry isn’t. The worms that eat my lips. Sense of air in my mouth, having …



  cinoh: Graft is a series of disposable tableware made of bioplastic PLA revealing its sources materials – the plants. Texture and form in nature autonomously exist with a function that can be utilized for another purpose. A celery stem for example, serves as handle for the fork; a petal of artichoke then becomes the …