Bad Mommy

This is the fridge and. This is where the bottles go and where the wine is. Here’s where and how you will sleep. I hope you sleep. well. The word for what gets taught is curriculum, yes? not curriculum but content. not content but value. ephemeral. wind. when I blow hard upon her face, she squints and it is little …

let fly a little fart of knowledge

Baby Sonnet

here here here is baby way too mired in rubber rings and leftist leanings: meaning she’s rolling over now. A little gyre of hands and legs and head proceeding fitfully into history. Spitfully. It’s writ on the rags of overwashed elephants and throwaway pinks and the bunny infantry (could I) would I curb this development? …


Note 6/2

Smoothing the waves of worry / ironing out the exigencies / sewing to / bone folding one over another / making a uniformity / making a stack of uniforms / straightening stack / the “lack of” fabric being ordered / being new sheet / enveloped / thus a system as whole breath / cut up / straight …

my honeycomb. my bunnyloam. my funnyhome

3 months & 8 days older

Some of it is an onion to the extent that crying is nigh. Crying is high. It is both imperceptible and imminent and arranged in off-pattern jazzishness. A little uh-uh-uh / aaaahhh-ahhh. & come I hither in a glaze of unctuous loveydoveries, buttery buns, something’s got to smooth the rough pits in my honeycomb. my bunnyloam. my …

9 weeks 6 days

9 weeks 6 days

Have forgotten to set up a meeting, gotten up extra early to attend said meeting and cried in the bathroom in lieu of the meeting. Have silently cried during a staff meeting. Have carried bags of goldfish crackers to a meeting with the VP. Have not learned how to have a satisfying breakfast.